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A Glossary of Instagram Terms

12th April 2022

(these are really useful to know!)

Here are some useful and simple definitions of some of the most used Instagram terms at the moment for you…

Engagement Rate

This rate is calculated by taking the number of likes and comments that are received on a post and then dividing by your number of followers.

Organic Reach

This is the number of unique users who find and view your content without following any paid promotion.


This is a section of statistics that helps you learn about your audience and how your content is performing.


This is a procedure that helps make calculations. The Instagram algorithm will dictate the order in which users see posts on their feed.

User-generated Content

This is content such as photos or videos created by fans of a brand or a celebrity.


This means hiding your old posts without having to delete them.

Follower Growth Rate

This is the percentage of new followers that an account gains.


This is the total number of times that your post has been viewed.


This is the tagged location of any post.

Paid Reach

This is the size of the audience reached by a sponsored post.

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