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How Instagram ranks your feed and story posts

20th May 2022

The below explains how Instagram feed posts and stories are ranked for you to see…and of course this then also goes for how your posts and stories do or don’t come up in your audience’s feed and stories.

Instagram have disclosed this information themselves and it is up to us to understand what we can and make use of it to further our marketing and business.

Information about the post

Signals about how popular it is (likes) and information about the content such as when it was posted, if a video how long it is and if any, which location is attached to it

Information about the person who has posted

This includes signals such as how many times you have interacted with that person in the last month (and so how interested you are in their content)

Your Activity

This helps Instagram understand what you may be interested in generally and includes signals such as how many posts you have previously liked

Your previous interactions with someone

This gives Instagram a sense of how interested you usually are in seeing post from a particular person. For example do you comment on each other’s posts?

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