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3 things that surprised me about starting my own freelance business

26th November 2021

I started my Freelance Marketing Consultancy business in September 2021 alongside my part time Marketing role in Investment Property returning from maternity leave. Below are the things that positively surprised me.

The community are supportive, warm and inspiring

I had always got the impression from the the media and general talk of the business world that it could often be a place of each man for themselves out there. Of course everybody is wanting their own business to thrive but I am delighted to see how much of that comes through collaboration, sharing of ideas and support.

When you are treated like that in the freelance/social media/sector community, we are more inclined to forward on this helpful and giving approach…I am a big fan already and have very much enjoyed receiving the support and giving it back to those people and to others.

When I truly focus on what I can do to help, I really love what I do

As much as I have loved so many aspects of the work I have done (and do) in the corporate world, there is no doubt that there have been many times in the past that I have been working on marketing elements that simply weren’t going to produce the overall results that the team would be looking for, simply because someone senior was so adamant about it happening. As a full time Marketing employee there can be a lot of box ticking to be covering all the bases, sometimes without enough research beforehand.

The joy of the freelancing side of things is that clients are rarely look for all marketing elements to be covered. They are usually looking for someone to support them with a specific problem, project or part of the work that is too time consuming or difficult for them to take on whilst dealing with so many other areas of the business. Sometimes just a few hours of support a week can help a client tremendously with their copy, their messaging, their brand presence – and I just love being able to help in that way.

For me, A range of work and clients is healthy

I heard a lot about the stress of keeping on top of the work for a range of clients, but I honestly think that whether you are working for one client/company or 10, as long as you communicate what you can provide, how long this will take you and what the cost will be, things will often run smoothly.

I personally love working for a range of businesses. Things always feel fresh, and working for one business can often inspire me for work I will later be doing for another. It is freeing to not have all of my work identity wrapped up in one cause/product/team, but instead I feel connected to a range of brands that I have chosen to support. The range of work allows me to sharpen different skills on a daily basis – and that is only good news for my brain and future clients.

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