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3 things Small Business Owners need to know about Branding…

4th March 2022

(to make their lives a lot easier!)

Having a brand that looks great and resonates with your audience does not have to be costly 

We would all love to have access to a graphic designer to create completely bespoke material for every product or post that we create…but not all businesses can afford this. This does not however mean that all marketing collateral needs to look like it is a school project created on Word. There are numerous free tools online that make it really easy (and if it’s not easy to start with then it will be very quickly!) to create a range of graphics and content with your consistent chosen brand colours, fonts and layouts.

This will give such a brilliant first impression and once you are in the swing of using these tools and know the level of simplicity that you need to keep things at, it will not be too time consuming. If you are unsure about how to refine the look and feel of your brand it may also be worth investing in some guidance. To keep things within budget you can ask the opinions of your close circle, book in an hour or so with an expert to discuss, or hire a specialist to create eye-catching branded templates which you then simply need to edit for your content.

There isn’t anything that can’t be solved by some online research or connecting with an informed expert

I have to admit that I have so often held myself back within a process with specific technical issues or things I didn’t yet know – and of course in the world of Marketing (especially Digital Marketing) these are going to come up again and again.

I have learnt that even though it can often take me time to give myself that window to do some online research, ask my connections or contact a specialist…I can honestly say that there has not yet been something that can’t be solved with one of these. There is almost always an answer or fix from a tutorial or a person.

For the very few things that can’t be resolved in those ways – a new approach or way is needed. You will always be able to create that product, contact those people, make that system work…it us up to you to work out how crucial it is for your business and what time and money is worth spending to get it done.

You don’t need to be everywhere (and it is often best not to be!) 

One of the most common mistakes I see is businesses feeling they need to be present on all platforms and through all types of collateral too…but with limited time and budget this means that the presence is diluted, their activity is very inconsistent and with that their brand is hindered and not helped.

The crucial thing to understand, is where your ideal clients and audience are going to be (out and about and online) and make decisions based on this. If they are almost always on LinkedIn, let that be your focus. If they are regularly attending a specific event, look into speaking there or sponsoring it. If their top platform is instagram, go all in with your graphics, your stories and reels. You do not need to be everywhere…just let yourself shine where you are.

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