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The Positive Emotions That Your Brand Colours Evoke…

31st March 2022

(and the potential negatives to consider)

How do your brand colours make your customer feel?

Are you at all like me when looking into different products and services? I not only do an analysis on quality of product and the price point but I pay attention to the overall feelings I have when consuming the brand visuals and content, reading the copy, looking at the packaging…etc.

Without a doubt, different colours, different shades of colours and different combinations of colours make different impressions on the customer. We can’t fully predict what each hue or shade will evoke for each person but we can at least consider the most common associations and feelings that come about for the majority of people from these core colours.

Emotions from/Associations with Red

Positive: Power, Excitement, Strength, Energy, Passion, Youth, Confidence

Negative: Anger, Warning, Danger

Emotions from/Associations with Orange

Positive: Warmth, Confidence, Innovation, Friendliness, Energy, Bravery

Negative: Frustration, Ignorance, Immaturity

Emotions from/Associations with yellow

Positive: Optimism, Warmth, Happiness, Friendliness, Creativity

Negative: Caution, Fear, Anxiety

Emotions From/Associations with green

Positive: Health, Hope, Nature, Growth, Prosperity, Freshness

Negative: Sickness, Envy, Boredom

Emotions From/Associations with blue

Positive: Trust, Loyalty, Logic, Dependability, Serenity, Security

Negative: Emotionless, Coldness, Uncaring

Emotions From/Associations with purple

Positive: Wisdom, Luxury, Wealth, Spirituality, Royalty, Sophistication

Negative: Introversion, Decadence, Moodiness

Emotions From/Associations with pink

Positive: Imaginative, Passionate, Balance, Transformation, Creativity, Femininity (can be positive or too exclusive)

Negative: Outrageousness, Femininity (when too exclusive), Impulsive

Emotions From/Associations with brown

Positive: Earthiness, Serious, Reliability, Authenticity, Support, Warmth

Negative: Sad, Dirty, Humourless

Emotions From/Associations with black

Positive: Sophistication, Security, Power, Substance, Authority

Negative: Oppression, Death, Coldness

Emotions From/Associations with white

Positive: Cleanness, Clarity, Freshness, Purity, Simplicity

Negative: Sterility, Isolation, Coldness

Lots to think about as we consume brands all around us and of course continue to work on our own ones going forward.

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